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  • Dna Print Results-euro 1.0

    Hello List; Well , I ve received the results of my EURO 1.0 test from DNAPRINT .I know there has been a lot of controversy about this test , Nevertheless , here are my results for whatever they re worth , I m adopted & have no info on the paternal side & very limited on the maternal side. My results ; Northern European 50 %, Southern European 35 % , South-Asian 10 % , Middle -Eastern 5 % . Comments welcome , KAT.

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    Hi- I don't have any good comments- mostly just questions. i've been to that website a couple of times; there's a bunch of things I don't get- maybe you know the answers.

    One is how distant ancestry does the analysis they do reflect. I've gotten so steeped in mitodna, that i've lost perspective on how to consider things when there's mixing of genes from both parents at each generation. Suppose one's grandparents were from one place (e.g southern europe), but their grandparents were from a differnet place (e.g. nothern europe) - how would that affect the percentages?

    Did you do that 400 dollar test that can distinguish different european regions? I don't know anyone else who has done it yet.

    when you get your results, do they give you your actual dna sequences? on one place on their website, they imply yes, but in another places, they imply they do not.
    Seems like that's important- in case conclusions change with new research, I would want the actual objective sequences, not just the results of their specific model that gives %s of each region.

    please post more if you find out more as well!


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      p.s. what were you r mitochondrial dna results by the way?


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        what results were you expecting for the euro 1.0 test by the way?

        (and please dont' forget to let us know your mtdna haplogroup)