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Would testing my children help me?

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  • Would testing my children help me?

    I am an adoptee with only my birth mother's maiden name, place of birth and marriage. Her deceased x-husband's family won't cooperate with me and the paper trail is as hard as a rock. I can not put together a GEDCOM, but I had the Family Finder test with 100 matches on Illumina, the closest being 3rd cousin. Do you have any suggestions for gathering more information on my birth mother, and two brothers (one already deceased). I have ordered the mtdna full sequense and results will be out in late July. Would it help me in any way to test my two adult sons and adult daughter or would I get the same results as mine? I just don't know much about dna yet and any help would be appreciated. My objective is to find my heritage and possible locate a relative or two.

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    It wont help you to test your children.
    They only have LESS information about YOUR heritage than yourself possesses.


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      As Daniel said, testing kids won't help. A parents gives the kids *half* of his or her DNA. Half of your DNA comes from your biological mother, and so your kids have only half of the part you have.

      If you had a biological sibling, this could potentially help, because the sibling could have inherited pieces of your mother's DNA different from yours.

      Doing the full sequence mtdna test will tell you all that there is to know about that specific part of your dna. Unfortunately, not too many people have tested the whole sequence, so that probably won't help for now, but who knows.

      A third cousin in FF means that there is a relation, though not necessary that of third cousins, which is quite distant anyway. Also, this doesn't tell you whether if it's from your biological mother or your biological father's side.