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Failure to Connect With mtDNA match list.

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  • Failure to Connect With mtDNA match list.

    I am having intermittant failures to connect when I select my mtDNA matches. I checked the connection with my Internet Explorer. I thought I had it resolved by unchecking my ActiveX Filtering, but it came back. It is not taking a long time to load and timing out. It checks for about three seconds and then says there is no connection.

    I have thousands of low resolution "matches." I have about 1300 HVR1+HVR2 matches. I have two FGS matches. I like to check out the new ones at least daily, but it has become a hit-and-miss proposition where it now misses more than hits on me making a connection. All my other functions of my account seem to be working.

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    Not only am I not getting to my mtDNA matches, but a ping of this gets no response.