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MTDNA- mother's mother/mother's father

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  • MTDNA- mother's mother/mother's father

    I am confused. Is MTDNA only for mother's mother's mother's..... Will it pick up anything for my mother's father's families? Or do I need my brother to do a test for me?

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    The mtDNA only tests your mother's, mother's, etc. line. Your brother also gets his mother's mtDNA so testing him will only give you the same information. To test your mother's father's line you would need an an Uncle or Male Cousin with the same surname as your mother's father and that would be a YDNA test.

    To test all of your family lines you could do the family finder test.
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      When you look at a family tree in the "pedigree" mode, the mitDNA covers the individuals listed on the outermost edge of the triangle along the bottom made by the mothers; and the yDNA covers the individuals listed on the outermost edge of the triangle along the top made by the fathers.

      For all the individuals inside the triangle of the tree, you'll need Family Finder test. Unfortunately, only the two former tests give results from a distinct line; the Family Finder test can't tell you what DNA came from which individual like the first two tests.


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        mtDNA only looks at one line, the direct maternal. It is possible to test other related lines but you need a different appropriate direct female-line descendant in every case.

        For example, I am testing my paternal grandfather's father, R.'s, mtDNA line through R.'s sister's daughter's daughter's son. I am a male-line descendant of R., and testing myself will tell me nothing about R's mtDNA.

        It will also tell me nothing about R's father's side. If I wanted to know about R's father DNA, I would have to find a cousin who has uninterrupted descent along R's father's mother's direct maternal line.


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          Thanks, everyone. I have this figured out now.