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Understanding the percentages in the mtDNA RAO

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  • Understanding the percentages in the mtDNA RAO

    I have a question; how do I go about understanding the percentages given in the mtDNA Recent Ancestral Origins area?

    For instance: Morocco: I have 37 matches, 27 are Sephardic out of a Country total of 203. The percentage given is 18.2%

    How do I as a woman interpret these results.....

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    You interpret this the same regardless whether you're a woman or man.

    The idea is, x percentage of the people in country C/population P sampled in the database have this motif. If your matching percentage is very low, it doesn't tell you much, unless it only occurs in one small area, in which case there's still a clue.

    If you really have a match to 18.2% of a population that's pretty good evidence you share ancestry with them.

    I manage several mtDNA kits--all in different haplogroups--and have a highest match for the kits at the threshold for which I have any matches of: 1.3% (HVR1/2), 0.8% (HVR1/2), 0.6% (full sequence), 0.2% (HVR1 only). In every case, the best matching group either conforms with my paper trail, or has its high in a neighboring country. So 18.2% seems a remarkably strong signal.


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      RondaMiller, I also had a good Morocco/Sephardic correlation at first. What testing level are you at? HVR-1, -2 or ? It makes a difference.

      My top HVR-1 results looked like this:

      Morocco 22.7% (46 individuals out of 203, with 36 of them Sephardic)
      France 15.1%
      Norway 14.7%
      Portugal 14.5%
      United Kingdom 13.2%

      I had 9000+ matches

      When my HVR-2 results came back, things were narrowed down to these top matches:

      Portugal 3.7%
      Scotland 2.2%
      Ireland and Czech Republic, both 1.9%
      all others under that %

      I had 400+ matches at this point.

      I'm awaiting my full genomic sequence this week to narrow it down more.

      On paper, all our relatives hail from Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee for the last two or three centuries, by way of the British Isles and nowhere else that I've found.


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        I have had all the tests done for my mtDNA. I have no HVR2 & FGS matches yet but I do know the history of both sides of my family - so thank you everyone for your replies because the countries I have the high percentages in mesh with what I know already.

        I just needed a better idea of the numbers and what it was that I was looking at.