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MtDNA; Haplogroup H

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  • MtDNA; Haplogroup H


    My name is Gale and I live in North Carolina. I am an educator and love gardending with my husband. I would like to know more about my finnish and ancestry.

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    Thank you! FamilyTreeDNA

    FamilyTreeDNA matched me to a 3rd cousin that I knew nothing about. It turns out that our great grandfathers were brothers. We have been colloborating ever sense and it has been so interesting to see share such a diverse geographical ancestral journey. We are in awe with laughter and determined to sustain our resiliency in continuing the journey and sharing the many rich culturals full of surprises.

    Thanks again



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      Just a response

      I am a retired teacher in North Carolina. I have some Finnish ancestry, but mostly English.


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        I’m categorized as H1 Haplotype and grew up in East Tennessee. A full genomic sequence match was established between my mDNA and a nice women and her sister living in California. She traces her linage to Virginia where my great-Grands’ family originated. We share identical mitochondrial genes from a common female ancestor between 4 to 8 generations past. I need to clear misconceptions some individuals mistakenly share. Mitochondrial DNA is located outside the nucleus of cells existing in the cytosol, and is not responsible for phenotypic physical traits expressed in people. Nuclear DNA is responsible for our physical similarities with family members. Any likeness between individuals sharing only mDNA is strictly coincidental. Warm Regards…