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    Originally posted by DAStratton View Post
    Frederator, I hope you are also using some of the adoptee search groups out there and not just depending on DNA. Making a one-on-one match like that with a database that still is limited basically to people who voluntarily test and register is like a needle in a haystack. Many of the volunteers at the adoptee search groups are as good as professionals, and help others because they have been there, on one side or the other. I have seen them do amazing work. I think there is an online group for every state and country, and if you just have the date and place of birth, even that can be enough for them to start with. DNA can then be used to validate a find, if needed. Send me a private message if you'd like.
    DAStratton, I think your message was actually directed at me. I have used several adoptee groups and search angels, with only minimal sucess. The search angels were great, but the information available is extremely limited.

    A search angel located an unpublished birth cert that listed me as "Baby Foster"; my bio-mother's maiden name. There was no information regarding bio-father. As the adoption was started 3 months prior to my birth, in California, I am determined to search the archives of legal notices hoping to find a notice for release of parental rights.

    So I agree that finding a DNA match is a 1/350,000,000 chance, but I have to pursue that also.