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R1b1a2a1 R-L150 ??

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  • R1b1a2a1 R-L150 ??

    I am R1b1a2a1,celtic ?armenian ? S.Europian?SW Asia ?

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    Well as I have discovered here by helpful replies from knowledgable people you cannot assign a particular ethnic group or country to a SNP number. However if you have knowledge of your ancestry you can probably make reasonable assumptions. I am a L21. About 60% of Irish males are of that SNP. However my furthest know ancestor is from northern France, my last name is French and my family speaks French . I think it's reasonable to assume I am not Irish. I would suggest looking for some projects here and gather other traditional genealogy information and see what seems probable.


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      My uncle, Roy E. Robinson is also R L150*.

      The Robinson family came from the British Isles, but I think it is likely that his patriline broke off the main R1b trunk before the R1b population moved from Anatolia into Europe some 5,000 years ago. I suspect, however, that they travelled as part of the same migration, or may have relocated there in conjunction with the Romans some 2,000 years ago.

      Timothy Peterman


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        Originally posted by mariglen View Post
        I am R1b1a2a1,celtic ?armenian ? S.Europian?SW Asia ?
        All. L150 represents an old haplogroup which predates these types of ethnic descriptions. Better to say Anatolian......