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What test is this? And how would you interpret?

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  • What test is this? And how would you interpret?

    I'm new to DNA testing for genealogy, just planning to order. Recently I found my gg-grandmother on a public tree with an attached PDF file entitled "DNA MATCHES ON THE MATRILINEAL FRANK LINE". I'm not sure exactly what test was done or how to interpret the results which are in columns with these headings.....

    Country/ Your Matches/ Comments/ Match Total/ Country Total/ Percentage

    I've sent several messages to the owner, but he/she hasn't replied. If anyone wants to take a peek & help me out, I would appreciate. Here's the link...
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    look under "media gallery" for "story: dna matches"

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    This is part of the results shown by FTDNA for their mtDNA test. The information below is copied from their website.

    "Welcome to the mtDNA ANCESTRAL ORIGINS database! This section displays the countries of origin reported by the people whom you match from both our research and customer databases. Your list of matches represents the range of places in which relatives of your ancestors may have lived. Current scientific research considers differences in positions 309 and 315 in the HVR2 region to be genealogically insignificant, so they are ignored in High Resolution and Full Sequence match comparisons.

    For information purposes, the Recent Ancestral Origins search also displays results that are matches from both the research database and Family Tree DNA customers. Entries from the research database typically include only base pairs 16001 to 16400, while our tests include the full spectrum of HVR-1 which is 16001 to 16569, so both near and exact matches are listed below."


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      Thanks, Jim!