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  • re YDNA 38-67 panels

    is the middle of the 3 panels (48-60) typically the last one done? do they take more time with it since that's where the fast-changing markers are? or is it all just happenstance...

    waiting on this one panel to come in for my closest 37-marker match... getting less patient with age

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    My batch is 407 and I got all for 67 except the 26 to 37 part so the later dosn't help 8 P


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      Happenstance. They don't all come in at once, but my Y67 completed over a few days, and 48-60 was in the second of three "chunks" that arrived, the last also being in the 38-67 section.


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        While I was waiting some middle range of my Y67 results, I put my the known results to YSearch and used my nearest matches' values to guess the missing values. The guesses were proven quite good when I got the real results.

        I got head start into research of my haplotype by using DYS-value-prediction approach. That is, I saved few days, when "fever" was on.

        If you use predicted DYS values in a YSearch entry, please give that information to other users. Replace the predictions or remove the entry when you have the real results.
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