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  • I am confused

    With regards to Autosomal DNA. I know this is a mixture of both my parents DNA. So am I correct in saying that when I am tested the results are used by comparing with other similar know DNA from other cultures or admixtures. For example my DNA may compare with people from Brazil but that does not mean that my Ancestors were never from that part of the world. Am I right or wrong?? Another example would be if one parent comes from Africa and is dark and the other parent is European, then their children would be a mixture of the two cultures which would put their DNA in comparison with some cultures in Southern Italy even though their ancestors were never from there.
    Someone please put me on the correct road.

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    Well your autosomal DNA includes more than parents, it also includes grandparents and three (or so generations from there)
    Then a general reference population is used such as European, Asian and African to compare it to. It depends on the testing site .


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      Family Finder uses autosomal DNA. It compares segments between two people. If two people share a common ancestor from 1 - 5 generations back they usually share that ancestor's DNA segment(s). If their ancestor is farther back then there's still a chance they share DNA, just not as much and not as often. Sometimes the segment can be from an ancestor up to 20 generations back.

      If you are referring to Population Finder then yes it is comparing your DNA to 62 sample populations and it is true those admixture matches may or may not be something you recognize as being your ancestry. This would be due to many possible reasons such as migration, mixture, etc., and remember you are matching representative samples which in themselves mirror a past ancestry of many years back.