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Frustration with responses from Family Finder matches

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    [QUOTE=bkilpatrick;324586]Yes, where do you find the kit number? I came up with that for one of my matches, who was managing several kits. She was very nice about it, but it took her a little time to figure it who I matched.


    I am so sorry. As I said most of the people contacting me are doing so through gedmatch and that program uses kit numbers. As for Family Finder it is helpful to use the name that is listed on the FF match. I realize that some people don't know that you have a number of kits you are researching so when they write and say I match you they assume you have the one kit just like them. I used to think the very same way.


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      Originally posted by manoss View Post
      (Once you initiate the email from FTDNA, you can copy their email address & search Facebook).
      If you right click on the e-mail icon under the name for an FF match, you can copy the "mailto:" shortcut and paste it into any e-mail utility. I rarely send e-mail directly through FTDNA. I like having the e-mail address in my e-mail account in case I get the idea to contact them again. I can also keep track of how long ago I sent the message. Also, it sometimes helps me figure out if a third-party or common e-mail address is used for several kits.