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  • DNA Day Promotion Post

    There was just a post to the FTDNA Face Book page suggesting there could be another promotion soon. See the attachment.

    2 conditions must be met:

    1. 12,000 "likes"
    2. by April 15

    Might be worth creating a Facebook page and doing a "like" even if you don't do anything else on FB. The last discount was 40% off selected products. Current count, well when I checked a few minutes ago, was 8147 "likes".

    Spread the word and keep looking and maybe we'll get a good sale next week.
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    Thanks from all the non-Facebook users! I wish they'd have a sale on SNP deepclade testing so we can know if all those backbone "matches" are really matches.


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      Upgrades in Promotion

      There are a few upgrades I would like to see.

      FF is at the top of my personal list though...
      It's been very helpful in researching my Dad's lines.

      Deep clade upgrade from 37 would be interesting too though.


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        "like" Count

        As of 1:20 pm Pacific time, the like count on FB is 9,006.

        Need to keep the momentum going to get to 12,000 "likes".
        It will take more than 420 new likes/day to reach the goal.

        Hope the promotion behind it is as good as the last one at 40% off specified products.


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          Facebook Count

          As of 4/8 at 3pm Pacific

          The "like" count on facebook stands at 9,218.
          6 days to go to reach the 12,000 goal for the DNA Day Discount.

          Spread the word. Let's get the "like" total moving.
          (Maybe it will grow faster over the weekend when people are more likely to have time.)


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            So in almost exactly 4 days (96 hours), the likes have gone from ~8100 to 9500, but the rate has slowed greatly:

            4/06 8100
            4/07 9000
            4/08 9200
            4/09 9400
            4/10 9500

            That's a terrific increase in just a few days and I certainly expect more in the next 5, but 12000 seems quite a stretch.


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              What if?

              Wonder if there will be any discount if 12K isn't reached.
              It is looking less likely.
              Current count is 9570

              Yet those loyal souls NOT jumping onto the promo at 23 will be looking for something in recognition of DNA Day. And, there has been a substantial increase in "likes", just not as fast as hoped for.


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                Sure hope there is a discount! My mother is all set to do Family Finder, but I'm holding off to see what Friday brings. Also trying to get some other family interested.


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                  I don't have anyone else to test right now, but I still liked the page to support the cause. Especially for mtDNA FGS testing; I have so few matches there and would love for more people to test. I hope they offer a discount anyway; even if 12K is not reached.


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                    For those who missed it, FTDNA announced over at FBook that 10000 likes would be sufficient. Count is 9759 at 7AM Pac time, two days to go. Possible, but no slam dunk.


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                      Any guesses how big the discount is likely to be?


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                        The last FB coupon code was 40%. I'm hoping the same or more. I may consider a MtDNA FGS with a 40% or more discount.