Day conference sponsored by
The University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (CAWCS)
and The Learned Society of Wales

New Research in Genetics, Archaeology, and Linguistics

Professor Marc Clement (Vice Chancellor, University of Wales) Croeso|Welcome 9.30
Professor John T. Koch (CAWCS) Wales, the ancient Iberian Peninsula, and the end of Celtic
Studies as we know it 9.40
Professor Sir Walter Bodmer (Oxford) The genetic structure of the British populations and their
surnames 10.25

tea 11.20

Dr Stuart Needham (National Museum of Wales) Cultural Connections in the Maritime World
of the Bronze Age 11.45
Dr Catriona Gibson (CAWCS) ‘Verging on Atlantic’: Bronze Age entanglements along the coastal
zones of Ireland, Wales and Iberia 12.30

lunch 13.10–14.25

Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe (Oxford) The Celts: our changing vision 14.30
Professor Mark Jobling (Leicester) Power and limitations of genetics in studying (pre)history
discussion 16.00
close 16.45

Saturday, 4 June 2011, Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre,
National Museum Cardiff