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  • Questions for Group Administrators

    I was reading the section of the web site that lists some things that group administrators do. It got me curious and I was wondering if any would answer some questions.
    How time consuming is it? Is it many hours of work every day?
    Do you find it interesting? After a year of doing it are you glad you volunteered? Is it something anyone can do, realistically that is?
    Thanks in Advance

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    I started as a member of the Barrett project in August 2002 and took over as the admin after a few months. Currently I'm admin of 3 surname project, one regional project and one service group project. I have my on websites and RootsWeb mailing list for two of the surname projects. I use FTDNA's cookie cutter websites for the other projects.

    The amount of time required depends on the number of project members and how hard you work at attracting members. I doubt if I spend an hour total per week for the three smaller projects and I average less than an hour a day on the two larger projects.

    I won't have been doing it for over eight years if I didn't enjoy it. I enjoy dealing with the project members and with the FTDNA staff. It does get difficult at times.

    With the cookie cutter system that FTDNA provides anyone can run a minimal project. If you want your own website but don't know how to set it up Terry Barton of World Families will help. See

    As a project admin you can join the ISOGG mailing list where lot of other admins will be willing to help and anyone just getting started should join the ISOGG Newbie group


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      Thanks for that information. I am considering it but because it is a commitment of time I want to give it more thought.


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        I also wanted to thank you and the other administrators for all the help you provided .