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mtDNA K Project reaches 2000 members

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  • mtDNA K Project reaches 2000 members

    Hi all,

    The mtDNA Haplogroup K Project has just reached 2000 members, including members from FTDNA and other testing companies. That's slightly more than one new member per day since our founding five years ago. 854 of our members have taken the full-sequence test.

    FTDNA customers in haplogroup K may join our Project from the Join Projects tab on their personal pages.

    Bill Hurst

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    mtDNA K group

    Can't find it on
    the Join Projects page


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      K Group Link

      Here is link to group page.

      With our premier suite of DNA tests and the world’s most comprehensive matching database...your DNA has met its match!

      I couldn't find it by project searching either, but when I went to the group from my homepage I copied this link for you.

      You can probably get there by clicking on the JOIN PROJECTS link on the lefthand side of your DNA homepage. It will bring up groups that you match or may want to join.

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        Where are the GEDCOM files?

        Of my 25 high resolution matches only 2 (8%) have uploaded a GEDCOM file and of my 287 low resolution matches only 25 (7%) have uploaded a GEDCOM file. Several of the low matches don't even provide an e-mail address.

        Watch out Ks, someone might find out who you are.

        Sorry Bill, I just needed to vent a little!


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          Originally posted by tomlinton View Post
          Can't find it on
          the Join Projects page
          Hi tomlinton and all,

          If you click on Join Projects on your personal page, you should find us by scrolling all the way down to MT Haplogroup Projects and then clicking on K1.

          Bill Hurst


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            Thank you Bill!

            I can attest that mtDNA Haplogroup K is the best run project I've encountered. I'm a member of 10 projects: 2 haplogroup and various geographic and surname projects. Some of them haven't been updated in ages, contain little descriptive information, or the results aren't even grouped.

            I joined the project after my mtDNA results came back as K. Within a day, Bill sent me a welcome e-mail, and based on his extensive knowledge, narrowed down my sub-clade to K2b. (I've since used James Lick's mthap tool to get even more specific.) There are annual reports and other links on the project website, and Bill regularly answers questions here in the forum.

            I wish all project administrators were as knowledgeable and pro-active as him.