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Does contact info have to match the person who took the test?

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  • Does contact info have to match the person who took the test?

    My father took the DNA test, and I am listing him as the test taker, however I am the one doing all the research and handling this. I changed the contact information in my profile to my name after I had him take the test, and when I got an email from Ftdna confirming they received my kit, it said "your kit #456788 for Scott" was received today, even though my dad william took the test. Will that screw up my results at all or people trying to find me if my name is under contact info?

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    Shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure your father's name is the one attached to the kit, then use your email in the contact info.


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      People are sponsoring others all the time and the ones they sponsor a lot of time don't care about Genealogy and are just helping out a family member. The sponsor is the contact person.


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        I agree with Javelin. Put the name of the testee as contact person, but use your own email address. I currently have a match with the name "TBD, TBD", it's much more exciting when it's a real name, and preferrably the name of the person who took the test.

        In a perfect world, you would be able to use your own name as contact person and a separate name for testee, but that's just not how the FTDNA web works.