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None of the countries listed under Ancestral Origins exceeds 2.0% but..

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  • None of the countries listed under Ancestral Origins exceeds 2.0% but..

    ... I see that under the various Marker/Mutations categories, some countries shows percentages above 1.0%. Is that relevant in terms of determining likely Ancestral Origins? Also, I notice that under 12 Market - One Step Mutations, some of the percentages EXCEED 4.0%. How should I factor that into my looking at Ancestral Origins? If it helps, I've attached the grid/chart for your reference.
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    If you have more than 12 markers, disregard the 12 marker matches and put more emphasis on any 37 or 67 marker close or exact matches you have. The problem is that 12 markers is a low resolution match and you and the person who match 12/12 may not have had a common ancestor in more than 1,000 years.

    I see from the pdf file you posted that you have 37 markers and that you have some close matches (35/37 to 33/37) at that level. All three who list a European origin are from the British Isles, two from Ireland and the other one from England. You have a good chance of sharing a common paternal line ancestor with the 35/37 match with Irish ancestry in the last several hundred years.

    I'd say it's likely that your ancestry in the last 1,000 years is in the British Isles, probably in Ireland. Does that make sense, given your family tree research?