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Genealogy Testing Ancestor?

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    Jim Denning
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  • Jim Denning

    Alcantara sure start a Alcantara project or one for your country and contact him .starting the program is simple
    Here are the elements necessary to start a project:
    We understand that there are situations when a project could and should be started with any number of members, and we are flexible to accommodate those situations. You are welcome to e-mail us with your questions about starting a Project with any number of participants.

    Choose a Group Administrator who will handle the data management of your Project. The Group Administrator will be Family Tree DNA's direct link to your project.

    The Group Administrator will have access to a secure page where your project's status is updated daily. Family Tree DNA will distribute legal release forms allowing for the sharing of the test results with the Group Administrator. Test kits and payments may be submitted individually or as a group to FTDNA for processing.

    Test results will be returned to the Group Administrator as they are received by the office. Each participant will also receive a certificate and report containing their personal test results. The staff of FTDNA will help you interpret the meaning of your test results.

    FTDNA will consult with you on the minimum number of test takers you will need to reconstruct your family tree depending upon how many branches of your family will participate in the project.

    To receive more information about how to start your own Surname project or a Geographical based Project, please e-mail to DNA Projects.

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  • RAParedes
    Guest started a topic Genealogy Testing Ancestor?

    Genealogy Testing Ancestor?

    Hi I just found this site because I have trying to do research about this man Paulino Alcantara he is Legendary Soccer player.. and I came around his picture and he looks just like my Grandfather and both have the name Surname Alcantara.. I was wondering if they could do any DNA testing to see If I am related to him in any way?