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    I resurrected this thread for two reasons. First to complete it as I said I would give results. The second to point out issues with autosomal testing in general.

    Please note I am not talking about the autosomal testing done by FTDNA but by other internet companies as there is a big difference in how they are done.

    To recap my autosomal testing suggested a mixture of Native American and Eastern European.
    My testing done here of YDna and mtDNA show a haplotype of R1b1a2 and H . Both of which are Western European.
    To answer my own question these tests are like comparing apples and oranges as one does not rule out the other. However if one understands that pin pointing exact locations in the world of our ancestry is all about probabilities , and if I were a betting man , I would i give you odds that this autosomal testing is plain wrong.