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  • e3b1 what it means to me -a benefit

    Long before I became a genealogist i did some pages on I.G.FARBEN AND THE AUSWITZ CAMP. Tonight pbs is showing a special on Aushwitz. It simply wasnt a nazi camp like they purpose but the show is good better then i ever thought could be on tv. You all should read The Crimes and Punishment of I. G. Farben by Joseph Borkin.
    Tonites show speaks of the nazis plan to kill heavily in russia when they took it over. I have48 matches this grandson of a longford stone mason. 24 of them are Ashkenazi Jews. They would have been targets. I.G.FARBEN was the corporate entity which really ran Auchwitz. They decide in 1920 before the next WW that Germany needed synthetic rubber coal and gas to eliminate being landlocked and blockaded.
    These people were my 24 matches of the 48. Maybe if they won they wouldn't be there for me to test and match. The masterminds of I.G.Farben were Nobel prize winners. Some of the brightest people on earth. The scientists behind I. G. Farbens divisions Bayer Hoerscht and BASF. They worked on the formulas for the war effort. You might be interested to know DEC 5 1941 on behest of I.G.FARBEN ,Ambassidor Joe Kennedy arraigned a meeting with I. G. Farben and its American cartel member Jersey standard hid the formulas from the us govt . While American GI's died for shortages of these materials
    anyway now I have a closer relationship with those Belorussia Ashkenazi.
    This is a byproduct of E3B1 and my Ashkenazi's Matches
    Jim Denning-Ygenealogist-MTgenealogist