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  • New mtHG T phylogeny

    I just got an e-mail that the T FGS Project has been concluded and a new phylogeny for mt haplogroup T has been published! Here is a link to the paper. Thanks to David A. Pike, Terry J. Barton, Sjana L. Bauer and Elizabeth (Blake) Kipp for doing all of this.

    Here is the new phylogeny from the paper:

    T1a: 152C, 9899C
    T1a1: 195C
    T1a1a: 6445T
    T1a1b: 15467G
    T1a1c: 9120G, 15965G
    T1a1c1: 16213A, 16258G
    T1a1d: 6891G, 12182G, 16362C
    T1a1e: 5558G
    T1a1e1: 5414G
    T1a1e1a: 15412C
    T1a1f: 16304C
    T1a1g: 5478T
    T1a1h: 14758G
    T1a1i: 3308G, 11944C
    T1a1i1: 152(back-mutation), 524.1C, 524.2A,
    T1a1j: 8530G
    T1a1k: 469T
    T1a1k1: 8974T
    T1a1k1a: 10915C
    T1a1l: 16311C
    T1a1m: 10143A, 14281T
    T1b: 152C, 384G, 4959A, 5558G, 9300A, 16261T
    T1c: 152C, 195C, 7258C, 10321C
    T1d: 152C, 7001G, 16263C
    T1e: 199C, 512G, 7784G, 14500G, 16274A
    T1f: 16186(back-mutation), 16243C
    T1f1: 1542C
    T1f2: 11647T, 16163(back-mutation), 16183−
    T1g: 6152C
    T1h: 6656T
    T1i: 3834A, 8701G
    T1j: 16362C
    T1k: 3867T, 10376G
    T1l: 89C, 91T, 97A, 8083T, 8412C, 13759A,
    13791T, 14284T, 16244A
    T2: 11812G, 14233G

    T2a: 13965C
    T2a1: 14687G, 16296T
    T2a1a: 2850C, 7022C
    T2a1a1: 143A, 8715C, 8994A
    T2a1a1a: 13708A
    T2a1a2: 4688C
    T2a1a3: 4808T, 5498G
    T2a1a3a: 8435G
    T2a1a4: 4931T, 16296(back-mutation)
    T2a1b: 2141C, 9117C, 13966G
    T2a1b1: 16324C
    T2a1b1a: 12741T
    T2a1b1a1: 3350C
    T2a2: 195C, 198T, 13020C

    T2b: 930A, 5147A, 16304C, 16296T
    T2b1: 14016A
    T2b1a: 195C, 6530G, 11377A
    T2b2: 11242G, 16304(back-mutation)
    T2b2a: 4225G, 7754A, 14693G
    T2b2b: 16192T, 16296(back-mutation)
    T2b2b1: 12171G
    T2b2b1a: 15848G
    T2b2c: 152C, 16296(back-mutation)
    T2b3: 10750G
    T2b3a: 151T
    T2b3a1: 16187T
    T2b3a1a: 9809G, 11047A
    T2b3a2: 152C, 4561C
    T2b3a3: 152C, 5656G, 16292T
    T2b3a4: 6305A, 7150C, 7289G, 11887A,
    12360T, 13623T
    T2b3b: 13722G
    T2b4: 9254G, 16296(back-mutation)
    T2b4a: 16172C
    T2b4a1: 114T
    T2b4b: 152C, 16104T
    T2b4c: 152C, 16239T
    T2b4d: 152C, 9653C, 16294(back-mutation)
    T2b4e: 6261A, 16192T, 16207G, 16274A
    T2b5: 3826C
    T2b5a: 5201C
    T2b5a1: 8504C
    T2b5a1a: 3C
    T2b6: 458T, 1709A, 9300A, 11533T
    T2b6a: 12007A
    T2b6b: 146C, 8730G, 14016A, 16218T, 16287T
    T2b7: 152C, 9180G, 9966A, 13768C, 16257−
    T2b8: 321C
    T2b9: 150T
    T2b9a: 5580C, 10559G
    T2b10: 237G, 2356G, 11380G, 13803G
    T2b11: 207A, 3398C
    T2b12: 189G, 16183−
    T2b13: 14861A
    T2b14: 15670C
    T2b15: 5836G, 8281-8289(9bp deletion)
    T2b16: 16362C
    T2b16a: 634C
    T2b17: 13692T
    T2b17a: 4688C, 7891T
    T2b18: 146C
    T2b19: 522−, 523−
    T2b19a: 13928C
    T2b19a1: 6126G
    T2b20: 15172A
    T2b21: 152C, 14836G, 16296(back-mutation)
    T2b22: 152C, 3820T, 12223G, 13500C
    T2b23: 12441C, 16147T, 16224C, 16297C
    T2b23a: 5315G, 9224C, 11812(back-mutation),
    14314G, 16362C
    T2c: 6261A, 10822T, 16292T
    T2c1: 8455T, 13973T
    T2c1a: 152C, 499A, 6998T, 8838A, 11914A,
    T2c1a1: 15747C
    T2c2: 146C
    T2c2a: 279C, 5187T, 7873T
    T2c2a1: 152C, 7679C, 15784C
    T2c2a2: 11914A
    T2c2b: 522−, 523−
    T2c2b1: 16438A
    T2d: 13260C, 16296T
    T2d1: 152C, 5747G, 13708A
    T2d1a: 194T
    T2d1b: 16086C
    T2e: 150T, 16153A
    T2e1: 41T, 16296T
    T2e1a: 2308G
    T2e1b: 200G
    T2e1c: 16092C
    T2e1d: 16207T
    T2e2: 9139A
    T2e3: 9947A
    T2e4: 16189C
    T2f: 8281-8289(9bp deletion), 16189C, 16296T
    T2f1: 195C, 5277C, 5426C, 6489A, 15028A,
    15043A, 16298C
    T2f1a: 16182C, 16183C
    T2f1a1: 8270T
    T2f2: 8270T
    T2g: 14798C, 16296T
    T2g1: 1977C, 3834A, 14839G
    T2g1a: 200G
    T2g1a1: 16148T
    T2g2: 507C, 1766C, 7337A, 13834G
    T2h: 12397G, 16296T

    T2i: 152C, 10750G

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    That's good news for T's.
    I had no idea there were so many. Thanks for posting it here.

    I think I have some RF 5th cousins who are listed as T2b or T2b2. They can find out if they are in a new subclade.


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      T2 phylogeny

      I have no idea what it all means, however, the T2 group is 26,000 years old. I still can't find anyone who is related to my family