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  • Help requested about matches

    Tom matches Dick on the X chromosome at GedMatch.

    Tom matches Harriet at about 4th cousin on Family Finder.

    Harriet matches Dick at about 4th cousin on Family Finder.

    Tom does not match Dick on Family Finder.

    Is it possible to forecast what kind of a likely lineup there is between these three?

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    Some tests you might want to do:

    See if Harriet matches Tom and/or Dick on the X chromosome on GEDmatch

    See how/if the three match each other on HIR Search with the thresholds way down.

    See how Dick's and Tom's matching segments with Harriet line up. Are there any common segments indicating an ancestor common to all three?

    Right now the only thing you can say for sure is Tom and Dick are related through their respective mothers' sides. It doesn't mean they are NOT related through their fathers or through one mother/one father.

    So the answer is "D" - not enough information with which to draw a conclusion.


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      Much obliged.