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    Hello Folks:

    Anyone else on here a member of the Gray Surname Project? It is up to 143 participants now with almost all of the results back from everyone. I am still waiting on my specific results. Glad to be here on the forum!

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    None of your surnames are in my direct ancestor family tree. One of my grandmother's cousins had the middle name Kimbrough. I have a 23andme cousin match named Browning. Another match has Kimbrough.


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      Cool deal. The Kimbrough's in my background had large families so it is understandable that they were spread widely. The Browning's were just here for a while...The other strategy I suppose. haha

      I just received my results for 25 of the 37 loci I purchased (thus far). My results are not yet listed on the Y DNA results page for the Gray Group yet...Maybe because it is not finished? Anyway, it looks like my predicted haplogroup is I1, which makes sense/corroborates family lore about being of Norman descent.


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        Up to 67 loci now!