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Haplogroups of royals?

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  • Haplogroups of royals?

    I am wondering if there have been any tests showing the Y-DNA of royal families, such as the Bourbons.

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    Royal- DNA

    Hello Jason ; Try to contact Steve Perkins , he submits to the [email protected] list. He says in an e-mail July 11 . " I expect more Mtdna signatures ,when a study of European Royalty being done by William Addams Reiteweiser is released." I dont think too many Royal DNAs have been studied , privacy issues ?. Marie Antoinette s MtDNA is Haplogroup " H" , HVR1; T16519C , HVR2 ; T152C , A 263G , N315.1C, C194T. Except for , and , I guess , a big exception , I match her , & the exception is the C194T.If you are interested in Royal Lineage , pedigree & lineage , not DNA results , try ( Leo de Pas has an excellent web-site ). KAT .


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      Are the Royals J2 or R1b? Or are the Royals both J2 & R1b

      Are the Royals J2 or R1b? Or are the Royals both J2 & R1b

      Are the Royals: Romans, Celts, or Jews?

      Who where the nobles blood related to?


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        The last Tsar of Russia

        Tsar Nicholas Romanov - Haplogroup T HVR1 126C-169Y*-294T-296T
        Count Trobetskoy - Haplogroup T HVR1 126C-169Y-294T-296T

        Tsarinne Alexandra - Haplogroup H HVR1 111T-357G-263G-315.1C
        Prince Phillip - Haplogroup - same as above -

        Anyone know the relatives to the other Kings in Europe, is it possible to find the mtDNA of current monarchs today based on this since they have married each other.


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          Kinship and descent

          R1b Celtic Royals:

          R1b; Scottish Orkney - Celtic / Pictish; Stewart Royal descendant.

          Lancaster - Satterthwaite - Satterfields Families - R1b

          British Royal Family - are they R1b?

          Galicia, Spain DNA Project

          López - J2: Semitic origin - were they royals?


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            The Line Of The Queen Is From Zarah


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              Originally posted by johnraciti
              The Line Of The Queen Is From Zarah

              lol barring infidelity
              but as intermarried as they are it should be correct