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Rare or widespread 12 Markers result ?

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  • Jhall
    Guest replied
    At the other end of the spectrum, I have no 12 marker matches. On ysearch my closest 37 marker "match" is a genetic distance of 12.

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  • Rick
    For comparison I have well over 200 12-marker exact matches (my results page stopped counting after the first 200). My impression is that this is on the high end of the range. But, I have zero 25/25 matches and only 7 24/25 matches, all with the same family (not mine).

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  • Edouard
    Guest started a topic Rare or widespread 12 Markers result ?

    Rare or widespread 12 Markers result ?

    I have received my 12 Y-markers result.
    I have 46 exact matches reported in the "Recent Ethnic Origin" section :
    Belgium 1/22
    England 13/4022
    Germany 2/1058
    Great Britain 2/200
    Ireland 1/1443
    Scotland 3/1291
    United Kingdom 2/622
    Unknown Origin 22

    In YSEARCH I got 21 exact matches (including me).

    I would like to know if my 12 values result is rare or not. In other words, what is the typical number of 12 markers exact matches in FTDNA base or in Ysearch ?