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No luck with J2b

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  • No luck with J2b

    I've entered in my results via the Nat Geo project ( and received no hits )but have since moved on. I now have the results of my 46 marker test but can't find a way to update my results on FTDNA. I'm really interested to see where/if any matches may come from. The result of
    J2b really puzzles and me.

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    You can't upload your Ancestry results into FTDNA. However, you can upload your Ancestry results (and FTDNA's) into FTDNA's affiliated site, The best way to do this is to upload to ySearch directly from your FTDNA Matches page (the link's about 1/2 way down the page), and then manually enter the extra markers from Ancestry. If there are any discrepancies in the results between the two companies for the dys markers that they share in common, go with FTDNA's.


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      How do I find out the differences? has 3 markers that are different than Y-search and are not on the drop down. I have 19a at 16, 385b at 19.3 and 38911 at 28. I don't know how to convert.


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        19a is just 19 at ySearch, and 389II is 389-2 at ySearch. Your value for 385b is different because FTDNA doesn't report partial repeats at the present time. Just use your FTDNA value for that marker.