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Palestinians and G2a3a "21 at DYS390"

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  • Palestinians and G2a3a "21 at DYS390"

    I of Palestinian descent and one of those Palestinians who tested G2a3a with the typical value of 21 at DYS390. Which if I am not mistaken is the most typical variant of Haplogroup G among Semitic speaking populations. I am kind of interested in the historic background of 21 at DYS390 in Semitic speaking populations; it seems the most "common of the uncommon" Haplogroup G in Semites.

    Thanks in advance!

    "An interesting note is that I have broken away branches of relatives dating to the 16th century exclusively along the Levantine coast which was known in Assyrian and Hellenistic times as the Philistine Coast."

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    Haplogroup G is most prevalent among the people of the Caucasus. Some scholars think that the ancient Hurrian speaking population of the Mitanni were of Caucasian origin. One could surmise that this population would be a source of haplogroup G in the Levant or among the Palestinians.

    Timothy Peterman