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The Bogus-ness of DNA Testing for Genealogy Research

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  • The Bogus-ness of DNA Testing for Genealogy Research

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    The article was written in 2006, before the modern chip technology with half a million plus markers. The author's comments may still hold some water but need to be updated with a more current perspective.


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      What, pray tell, does this have to do with anything?

      The blog is ancient history.


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        sounds like an inconvenient truth.


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          The subject matter of the blog was about companies taking money who make claims of finding long lost relatives.

          Outside of someone using "family finder" are people using FTDNA to find "long lost relatives"?


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            ^Only several thousand 23andMe customers, and most legitimate DNA testing companies.

            Y DNA matches at FTDNA are proven in thousands of instances too as are a nice bunch of mtDNA folks.


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              Well, it isn't a whole lot of help on the MTDNA side unless you happen to get lucky and get an exact match with someone. The changing surnames makes it really hard. However I've had some good results finding matches with my YDNA with people with surnames close to mine. I just haven't been able to get any response from them.


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                For those of us with little to no paper documentation, DNA testing can at least point us in a reasonable direction. DNA testing cannot say what faith your ancestors adhered to, but it can show the path your family lines (depending on the testing you go with) has taken on its way to becoming You. If my DNA testing shows my maternal ancestry is African, and I'm not African American it means there is one heck of an interesting story there.

                For those of us with lots of documentation, DNA testing can offer confirmation of our paper trail or it can round out our research. I've always known that as many other people of Latin American background I'm of mixed ancestry, but to be able to say, "based on current research, I now have a justified true belief that my ancestry is x, y, z" is great, as opposed to just having a 'feeling' -- mind you, i'm not quite there, but I'm getting there, lol