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Should both my father and I get FF-tested?

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  • Should both my father and I get FF-tested?

    My mother died in 1996, so I cannot have her DNA tested, so I am "filling in." But I wonder if it is truly useful to have my father take the FF test as well since (if I read correctly) only one more generation or so of surnames might pop up. I have the cash. But is it worth getting more testing done on him?

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    It depends on what you're trying to discover.

    If money is not an issue, I say to go for it.

    I have some cousins that are only showing up with my mom's test that don't show up with me. Most likely this is due to the way DNA recombines, since the found cousins are on my maternal line.

    Also, if you have a sister of your mother, or a brother of your mother, that would also be a nice addition to rounding out your search.


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      Father/Son FF testing

      One generation in this case would give you 8 more different variables (gr-gr-gr grandparents that married into the family) on your paternal side if your father tested. But at that level it is much more difficult to find a connection.

      If money is not an object and curiosity outweighs it, then I suppose I would.

      What I would do if my father was willingly to take part in testing would be I would FF test myself and have my father mtDNA tested. That would be an unique piece of information that he would only have.


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        The answer is absolutely - yes.


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          One other reason to consider having the both of you tested is that it may help you to narrow down which connections are paternal and which ones are maternal. Sometimes being able to narrow down the focus of which side of the tree you should look at to make the paper trail to that potential cousin can be real helpful.

          Lenny Zimmermann