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mtDNA I4 Haplogroup

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  • mtDNA I4 Haplogroup

    The description of this group is extremely vague. Anyone have any information on it besides the .pdf and wikipedia?


    mtDNA: I4
    HVR1: 16129A, 16223T, 16304C, 16391A, 16519C

    HVR2: 73G, 199C, 204C, 236C, 250C, 263G, 315.1C,
    573.1C, 573.2C

    CR: 750G, 1719A, 2706G, 3504C, 4529T, 4769G, 7028T,
    8251A, 8519A, 8860G, 10034C, 10238C, 10398G, 10819G,
    11719A, 12501A, 12705T, 13780G, 14766T, 15043A, 15326G,

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    I am I4, like you I have found very little Haplogroup I is among the very first peoples to enter Europe, at least some 34k ago It is found among certain populations in Europe, the Vikings apparently had more Haplo I, and certain ethnic groups scattered around Europe. The Irish, Welsh have more than other populations, but even then the max is 2% Nothing on I4, although I did match exactly with Cornish, which is Celtic, last name in that line is COLE, which seems to confirm the ancient ancestry of the Cole family legends, who were thought of as a ancient "race" and native to Britian, Old King Cole legends and Arthur legends, myth but every myth has a little fact in it somewhere Back to I4, if anyone does know anything please reply, to the original post, I believe no one is interested because they know the story already as I and I4 being mammoth and stone agers in Europe.


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      Originally posted by BlackWolf View Post
      I believe no one is interested because they know the story already as I and I4 being mammoth and stone agers in Europe.
      I think it's possibly more a case of there are so few of us "I" in general.

      I don't know if that's because we are the few survivors, or because there's a whole enclave of us somewhere in a mysterious region yet to be tested.


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        Anyone have any maternal connections to Eastern/Central Europe?

        "Genetic studies of the distribution of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups in human populations residing within the Carpathian Mountain range have been scarce. We present an analysis of mtDNA haplogroup composition of the Boykos, Hutsuls, and Lemkos, three population groups of the Carpathian highlands. In our study Hutsuls had the highest frequency of subhaplogroup H1 in central and eastern Europe. Lemkos shared the highest frequency of haplogroup I ever reported and the highest frequency of haplogroup M* in the region. MtDNA haplogroup frequencies in Boykos were different from most modern European populations. We interpreted these unique mtDNA frequencies to be evidence of diverse and dynamic population histories in the Carpathian highland region."

        Was anyone else from the I or I4 group asked to participate in a new FTDNA study? Even though we are just 4% (at most in any population), maybe it is a good piece of unexplored real estate for some research(ers).


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          I thought I was I4, but upon further study today I am actually I model with deletions. Who knows how ancient it is? I have tracked it back to the Cornish in Cornwall.