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Somewhat confused.

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  • Somewhat confused.

    My husband was tested for the National geographic project and then I transferred his data over to ftdna. I then ordered several hundred dollars of more tests the results are not due for a few weeks.

    Meanwhile I regularly gets this e-mail: A mitochondrial DNA hypervariable region 1 (HVR1) match has been found between kit xxxxx, Jxxxxx, and another person(s) in the Family Tree DNA database.

    So I go to the MTDNA and look at the matches and I can't see any changes in the ones that are already there. Shall I just wait for further results? He is in search of information about his birth father, we only know his name.


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    You may want to check your user preferences section and make sure you've selected the proper boxes to view matches for HVR1.

    The new matches will show up in the list with ** near the name. If you don't see the ** then the matches listed are old.