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How Celtic or Germanic are the English?

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  • Gotta love the movements of people!


    • Originally posted by Stevo View Post
      The French archaeologist and linguist Henri Hubert believed the Goidels (Gaels, Q-Celtic speaking people) came from Germany and settled in Ireland. He makes a compelling case for that in his book, History of the Celtic Peoples.

      Thus far L21 variance is greatest in France and Germany, and R-L21 is by far the most frequent subclade in Ireland.

      I think it likely that L21 came from France or Germany to Britain and from Britain to Ireland, perhaps with the Bronze Age Beaker Folk.

      I figured I'd post this here for those of you who aren't on dna-forums..

      "Okay, it's time to take another crack at this. I've reviewed/reworked the spreadsheet template I use, then re-assembled the data. I also found a bit more data to include.

      Many of the haplotypes are from:
      - Adams et al "The Genetic Legacy of Religious Diversity and Intolerance" 2008
      - Lopez-Parra et al "In search of the Pre- and Post-Neolithic Genetic Substrates in Iberia" 2008

      I used the common markers while eliminating 385 (multi-copy) and 426 (sometimes null).
      393, 390, 19, 391, 439, 389i, 392, 389ii-i

      The spreadsheet is located at http://tech.groups.y...2Project/files/
      under the description "R-SRY2627 Confirmed SNP Haplotypes including those from Adams and Lopez-Parra 2008 studies. 2011-01-14b version"

      Below is the variance and the "normalized" variance for the eight common markers from FTDNA projects and from these two studies. For now, just ignore the "normalized" variance (second column). I just have it as a checkpoint and it is experimental. Most of the Iberian / Aquitainian haplotypes are from the studies and the rest from FTDNA projects. The third column is the count of haplotypes within that group.

      All 1.6844 6.6249

      Germany _______________ 1.9744 _ 7.8996 (N=13)
      Iberia exc Pyrenees ___ 1.9536 _ 7.6070 (N=57)
      East Europe ___________ 1.7500 _ 5.3531 (N=4)
      Aquitaine & Pyrenees __ 1.7404 _ 6.4968 (N=72)
      Scandinavia & Benelux _ 1.6333 _ 6.8047 (N=6)
      Ireland _______________ 1.4678 _ 5.7273 (N=19)
      Scotland ______________ 1.4487 _ 5.5267 (N=13)
      France(all) ___________ 1.4354 _ 4.8308 (N=26)
      England _______________ 1.0634 _ 4.5433 (N=39)"

      Not sure if the guy who did this is on this forum, hopefully he won't mind me quoting him like this!