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  • How Related are These?

    Here are two results:

    167T,294T,304C HVR2: 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C,456T,523.1C,523.2A
    167T,294T,304C HVR2: 152C,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C,456T,524.1C,524.2A

    How related are these two people? The HVR1 is identical, the HVR2 has a lot in common. Both have:


    The first has 523.1C,523.2A while the second is 524.1C,524.2A.. an offset of one, but otherwise showing the same information.

    The second has 152C which does not show in the first.

    My question is to understand how related these two people are. Being that their HVR1's are identical, I would assume they are related somewhere in time.. and the HVR2 seems like they have a lot in common.

    What are your honest opinions? Could they be related within a few generations, or are we talking about 10,000 years? I cannot find much information to show me how quickly theses can mutate.

    In addition, since both show what looks like an offset of one in (523.1C/524.1C) and (523.2A/524.2A) could this be the same mutation moved or a testing error?

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    Usually, the assumed rate is one HVR1 mutation every 20,000 years on average. I have not seen clocks for HVR2, but presumably one can think of
    something in the same range. So even a HVR1+HVR2 match doesn't mean anything close in time, it could be thousands of years. (of course, it could be more recent as well - one just cannot say).

    As for the 523, you are right, they are the same, that location has a sequence of CACA. In addition, 523 is known to be very variable, so it can often be ignored in looking for matches.



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      Thanks for the post. The most in-depth material I could find was talking about studies tracking back the age of humans, and said that it was only 6,000 years. That is when I gave up.

      So, basically, the only mutation to consider is 152C, because the others are too random? Is there any information on 152C that I could review?