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mtDNA Haplogroup C in Mexico

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  • mtDNA Haplogroup C in Mexico

    I received a chart from Family Tree DNA that focuses on the mtDNA haplogroups A, B, C, D, and X. These are the Native American haplogroups. The chart shows approximately how many of these haplogroups are found in the American continent. My question is, why is haplogroup C so small in the Mexico region? There is quite a bit of haplogroup C in the American Southwest and then in Central and South America. Does anyone know why haplogroup C is so small in Mexico? I belong to haplogroup C and my female line is from the Mexico City area. What happened to all of my ancestors?

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    Where did you find that the Haplogroup C is uncommon in Mexico? I've heard that it's found with pretty much the same frequency in all the Americas.



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      Hi Theo,
      I was talking about the chart that Family Tree DNA sent me with my results. Have you seen it? There is alot of haplogroup A in the Mexico region and alot of haplogroup B but haplogroup C is tiny in comparison. I was told that the chart will change when more people take the DNA test.