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  • Unknown halotype-confused!

    Though my husband's test is listed under unknown halotype; the results indicate he is probably R1b. So, what designates being included in one list rather than another? Do we as individuals have to change the location; or is there a test that must be done and FTDNA decides who is listed where?

    After several months waiting we finally got a 12 marker match but not to the same surname. I understand that to determine a greater connection to this different surname we need to upgrade probably to a 37 marker match. Are their any percentages that indicate how many people with different surnames have matches with 37 markers? Are there any?

    What is the greatest length of time thus far for connections with surnames to be made? I know this is based on the number of participants; but are there many people like us that are still waiting to make a surname connection?

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    You need to have Family Tree DNA do an SNP test. There should be a link on his personal page.

    Timothy Peterman
    Kansas City, MO


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      haplotype - confused

      Re the question in the last paragraph of Bab's post, I'm sure that I have not set any record, but three descendants of James Goff (b 1735) have matched. In this particular case, we knew of the connection and were more so trying to ascertain the markers for comparison with other Goff families. Counting James Goff, there are 7 or 8 generations to the three participants.

      I think it would be interesting to hear how far back matches have been made and which are confirmed by a paper trail. Thanks.

      Phillip Goff