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Possible Half Brother & Sister - Which Tests?

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    gamename probably already ordered his FF test by now anyway.

    Here's what I was talking about.. you get your answer either way....

    I have used GTLDNA and paid $243 for one test and had a 2 week response.
    I have used FTDNA FF and paid $249 and $289 for two FF tests and the first test arrived 4 weeks later, the second has not arrived yet. Today both tests would be $289 and you need two to test for siblingship. That's my experience, not opinion.

    This is forensic testing vs. ancestry testing. Completely different but I'm done trying to explain as some are not understanding. Different tests, different results, different costs, and different timeframes. I love FTDNA and can't live without them but they are not the end all of companies and competition helps us as consumers.

    Ok that's all I'm saying..

    gamename I hope that whatever you do results in confirming the other person is your half sibling because that would be excellent news after a long search!