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A Historical perspective on the Celtic Migration.

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  • A Historical perspective on the Celtic Migration.

    "Ackerman- a hotel or stopping place at Boppard on the Rhine (the ancient Bodobriza of the Celts) once boasted a lodge of the Knights Templar and mentioned among the Crusaders at the Siege of Ptolemais (1191). The Celts, one of an ancient race of people, of ASIATIC ORIGIN, who formerly inhabited a great part of Central and Western Europe and whose descendants at the present day occupy Ireland, Wales, the Highlands of Scotland, and the northern shores of France."

    I possess no date of this particular quote, however the article itself that enables it was written in 1950 and is from, "The Ackerman Family Association comprising the descendants of George Ackerman, Mennonite, of Lower Milford Township, Bucks County, Pa. and some descendants of Stephen Ackerman, Lutheran, of Haycock Township, Bucks County, Pa. Compiled by Claire Ackerman Vliet 1950."

    I found it interesting that science is now in 2010 is supporting this theory (culled from an alternative source in 1950) about Celtic migrations. I find that science is congruent with this supposition particularly with the L21* nomenclature group.

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    I expect that quote would elicit some spirited debate over on DNA-Forums.


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      You are correct.

      Originally posted by gtc View Post
      I expect that quote would elicit some spirited debate over on DNA-Forums.
      I shall post it there as well.

      Cheers for that.


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        Can you post a link to an article that describes that theory? Thank you!

        Being Irish on my mother's side, I am very interested.

        My mtDNA is extremely rare for western Europe (H6a1). Most explanations of H6 say it is roughly 26,000 years old - a loooong time before any Celtic migrations. Unfortunately, the science does not seem to be able to suggest an approximation date for the great split in H6 between Europe and Asia.