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  • 66 of 67 Markers Question

    My surname is Reeves and it was suspected that my grandfather was adopted or simply changed his name. I form two 66 of 67 Y marker matches with guys named Jackson that share a grandfather at 6 generations, who is Joseph Jackson born around 1755. Regarding the mismatches, I have a 30 on marker 449 and the other guy has a 31, I have a 17 on marker 534 and the other guy has a 16. . I’m wondering if its safe to assume I’m related and also could it be that the mismatches on different markers is caused by matching on different sons of the common ancestor? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I'm no expert but that's near perfect. I think you've got it. An uncle and nephew can be off by 2 (65/67). Congratulations!


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      Sounds like you do not have any matches to Reeve. Correct?

      Given your note I would say you have a definite match to Jackson and enough of a distance between your two matches between themselves to confirm they are not in the same boat by being adopted or something themselves.

      It is safe to assume you are related.

      As to what the mismatch of 1 marker each to yourself means it isn't worth checking because you are genetically related to them - yet if you really want to know you will need to see how they differ and that you can find if they put their results on Once you see how they compare you would be able to determine more about your mismatches. Or you could ask them of course.. Then you get into probabilities.

      So how DNA works is by exclusions and probabilities. You can exclude those who do not match you and there are probabilities for those who do match you. In your case it is extremely probable you are related to Jackson given multiple facts of your case and matches.



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        I form a 36 of 37 match with a known first cousin in the Reeves line. I tested with him to confirm we share the same Reeves grandfather and was a little suprized to be 1 marker off, but I guess that happens.

        I also form 12 of 12 matches with other Jacksons that I can't trace back to the common Jackson that I match 66 of 67 with, but I was pretty sure I was on the right track with the Jacksons.

        I purchased the Family Finder test and expect results shortly. Hopefully I'll be able to get closer to figuring out where the name changed.

        I greatly appreciate everyones comments and insights.



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          i wouldn't put much trust in that 12 marker match anyway.. sounds like you have it handled though.. congratulations!


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            You didn't tell us your Haplogroup. Have you loaded your results to Ysearch and if so what is your ID?

            Do you have any other near matches at 67 markers? What about 37 markers?

            Do you have any reason to believe your paternal line was in the same place at the same time as the match you have told us about?

            So far you haven't given us enough information to make any comment on your results.


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              My haplogroup is R1B1B2A1A4. My Ysearch ID is TGCAK. My known Reeves 1st cousin is GU5PG. Jackson matches are Q9GJV and M3AKY. M3AKY is really a 66 of 67 match, but Ysearch wasn't updated.

              My grandfather Charles Reeves indicated he was born in Jackson County, TN in 1890 on his Army WW1 enlistment and discharge papers. He first shows up as a miner in Lee County, VA, which is SW Virginia. My Jackson matches were from North Carolina. It appears I form DNA matches from 2 different sons of Joseph Jackson b abt 1755. I think there were 2 other sons of Joseph that had sons that made it to Jackson County, TN.

              My grandfather is traceable from 1916, age 26, till his death in 1935 as Charles Reeves. Prior to that I can't find anything which might mean he was using a different name.



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                Bill, do the WWI papers give any other names. Names of parents or contact person in the event of death? Have you searched the 1900 and 1910 census records for a Charles Jackson who would fit the information you have?


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                  Jim, I've been on the hunt for Charles Reeves' parents for 20+ years. It's been a long road. Anything that could hurt the investigation has occurred, like the Jackson County courthouse and other key record locations burning down. Honestly, I don't even have faith that he was really from Jackson County. I've been wondering if that was just a hint that Jackson was his name. From DNA it would appear I'm related to Jacksons from Kentucky. I'm hoping that the Family Finder results will provide some useful information over time as the database grows, for sure the 67 Y marker tests have. There are so many Charles Jacksons that it's not possible to imply which one could be him, plus he may have even changed his first name. Funny thing is that my grandmother actually married a guy named Charles Jackson soon after Charles Reeves died!

                  There is one very detailed Jackson family tree on Ancestry that does have people living in Jackson County, TN and I form a 12 of 12 match with one of the guys in that tree, based on Ysearch. I'm even more intrigued that there is a female that married a Jackson with a middle name of Reeves, but there is nobody else with the name in her family. I'm going to ask the owner of the tree if he has any insight on that. To have the name Reeves and Jackson in the same tree could definitely mean something.

                  I'm so happy that the DNA testing has provided encouraging information. I'm guessing I will eventually be able to lock in an accurate 3rd or 4th great grandfather using DNA, but I may never be able to determine 2nd or 3rd, and that's probably OK, because at least I may have solved the mystery of the real surname 8-).



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                    I figured I'd provide an update since my finding may help others. I just got my Family Finder test results and I matched with a familiar person with the last name of Knight. I know of this person because he purchased a Y 67 marker test for a Jackson relative to help his research on his Jackson line. I matched 66 of 67 markers with the person who provided that sample, not Mr. Knight himself.

                    When I got my Family Finder results that familiar name of Knight showed up again as a suspected 4th cousin match. After a few moments a light bulb went off. If I was matching with my friend who's last name is Knight, it was because of his sample, not that of the person that had provided the Jackson Y (male only) sample.

                    This means that my connection with Mr. Knight comes from those upline from his grandmother who is a Jackson. In this case, Y DNA first formed the connection to the male Jacksons and then the Family Finder test formed a connection to other Jackson's upline despite the female in the middle of the line. This is a homerun because I now lowered my most common recent ancestor by 1 generation and I'm only missing 2 Jacksons. This leaves me with a Y line of, Me-Father Reeves-GF Reeves-Unknown-Unknown-Jackson.

                    As the Family Finder database grows I hope to learn more when I match Jackson's at the 2nd or 3rd cousin level. Plus I have no idea who my grandmother was, so forming a 2nd cousin level match on an unknown surname might start to provide some insight. I'm encouraged.

                    Good luck to all,


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                      It sounds like you are getting close.
                      My results are not due until next month.
                      We already know our family, we are thinking of others.