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Help wanted to overcome my thick gene

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  • Help wanted to overcome my thick gene

    Since joining this family (well, isn't it?) I have been trying to swot up on matters genetic.

    I've managed pretty well but there is one aspect that trips over my thick gene and that is converting DNA results into a phylogenetic chart or tree.

    I've examined several different examples but I can't adequately reconstruct the process. Will somebody please explain the process to me in simple steps.

    Thanks, Roy.

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    For what part of the DNA do you want to reconstruct the tree?

    For the mtnda, you can look at
    for the y chromosome, you can check

    For the rest of the DNA, you cannot really build a tree, because the autosomal DNA mixes up. If you do extensive tests like 23andme or the like, you can check how much DNA you have in common with the other person and try to reconstruct a tree from there, but there's no direct way.



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      received 2 files of my DNA yesterday, and theres more to come by the 28th April.....i downloaded the zip file recommended to open these fles....which was a task in itself as there were different versions of the same zip file, and it didnt actually say which one to use......all i got was 2 files full of letters and numbers in columns after i had unzipped the files, which mean and tell me absolutely nothing...all the 'help' notes weren't very helpful brain ache......

      i also had 3 'known matches' of surnames sent to me.....none of which i recognise....are these just samples or actual matches? .... mind completely blown!....not to mention more than very frustrating.


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        deciphering results


        The columns are markers with the marker number at the top of the column (usually in Bold) The smaller numbers below are your results; the number of repetitions of your dna values in each of the markers.

        The matches are people that have similar DNA values. If you look at the match page it will be broken down into areas such as 12-1 or 25-2. These mean that you match someone across 12 markers, with just one marker off by 1, or you match on 25 markers with a distance of 2 off. The two could be either two markers off by one number each or one marker off by two numbers. This is called the distance.

        In your preferences, if you did not check to only match within your family name, then these names could be anything. If the matches are just across 12 markers, they do not mean that much. If they are across 67 markers and just 1 or 2 off they are significan, wspecially if they are on markers that are know to mutate rapidly.