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    Originally posted by traceys_home View Post
    Well my Dad (deceased now) tested y Haplogroup B and does not have 1 single match on FTDNA! I know this is a rare Haplogroup, but still, not one match...interesting. He tested 7 years ago with FTDNA.

    Any insight?
    Here is what ISOGG says about hg B:

    "Y-DNA haplogroup B, like Y-DNA haplogroup A, is seen only in Africa and is scattered widely, but thinly across the continent. B is thought to have arisen approximately 50,000 years ago. These haplogroups have higher frequencies among hunter-gather groups in Ethiopia and Sudan, and are also seen among click language-speaking populations. The patchy, widespread distribution of these haplogroups may mean that they are remnants of ancient lineages that once had a much wider range but have been largely displaced by more recent population events.

    Some geographic structuring is seen between the sub-groups B2a (B-M150) and B2b (B-M112). Sub-group B2b is seen among Central African Pygmies and South African Khoisan. Sub-group B2a is seen among Cameroonians, East Africans, and among South African Bantu speakers. B2a1a (B-M109) is the most commonly seen sub-group of B2a. About 2.3% of African-Americans belong to haplogroup B - with 1.5% of them belonging to the sub-group B2a1a."

    I'm told that FTDNA keeps samples for 25 years. It might be worthwhile ordering a deep clade test on your Dad's sample to see if they can determine a subclade.