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    This is the only thing I see when trying to join the adoption project.

    First I log in.. then I click ("Adopted? Join the adoption project") which is about in the center of the home page and I get this:

    then choosing join the adoption project I still get:

    With our premier suite of DNA tests and the world’s most comprehensive matching database...your DNA has met its match!

    But I ALREADY have all the tests and thus I'm stuck as there is no way to see the page that MMaddi refers to.

    Darren what about this ...??????????


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      ^ What you say is true.

      The "Adoptee" project is primarily there so people can get discounts when ordering upgrades or initial tests.

      I suggest that you contact Family Tree DNA are see if you can create an actual Adoptee Project.

      These are classified as "surname" projects, but don't get hung up on the use of "surname" in the title of these types of projects. It was an old label that has stuck.

      Good luck.


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        You can join the Adoptees project after you have results, but you need to do it through the Join Projects link on your MyFTDNA page, not from FTDNA's homepage:

        - Log in to MyFTDNA
        - Click Join Projects
        - Under the Dual Geographical Projects section, click the "A 25" link
        - Click the Adopted link (currently 4th on the list)
        - At the bottom right of the project description, click the orange Join button



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          The adoptees' project

          I was drafted into the adoptees' projest by FTDNA when I first approached them and explained my circumstances. The fact that I am a participant is manifested on my myFTDNA page by a hyperlink called "Adoptee"

          However, when invoking the link the rewards seem very scant. There doesn't seem to be anything resembling a project. Just a very general message. No details, no data, no nothing.

          Maybe I've missed something? What may one ordinarily expect from a project? I bet I'm doing something wrong.

          Thanks, Roy.


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            I am awaiting 23andMe results to compare against Ancestry by DNA results.

            So what is the general consensus? Is the 23 and Me family finder useful?


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              "Family Finder" is the Family Tree DNA new product.

              They will grow quickly with their database of people interested in genetic genealogy.

              23andMe has "Relative Finder".

              It is an excellent tool, but too many of their customers are not interested in genetic genealogy and took their test for medical reasons.

              Family Tree's Family Finder will out pace the 23andMe Relative Finder in less than 2 years by my estimate.