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  • mtDNA Full Sequence test

    I'm currently awaiting my mtDNA test results..and while waiting I did DNAT..used Omnipop and other things. I was considering 23andme as well but the cost is my biggest deterent. I'm really interested in breaking down my ancestry, not looking at medical info. So I'm wondering what would the mtDNA full sequence test tell me, in regards to ancestry? Is it better than what 23andme would tell me or the same? Just to provide some background..I'm trying to dig more into my American Indian background. So if anyone has done the full sequence I'd love to hear what you've learned. I'm just trying to figure out where my money would be better invested..

    Here are all my stats:

    Guatemalan-born parents

    DNA Tribes Results:

    Native Population Match- Uzbek Turkestan 30.20, Palestinian 27.62, United Arab Emirates 17.41, Dubai 16.20, Kuwait 15.06, Korea 12.02

    Global Matches- Mestizo Honduras 45.09, Colombia 36.75, Uzbek Turkestan 30.20, Palestinian 27.62

    World Matches- Mestizo 15.43, Arabian 9.36, Levantine 7.39, Mesopotamian 4.31, Chinese 2.12

    Native American Panel- Chol Mayan- 0.33

    Central Asian Panel- Uzbek Chinese Turkestan 30.20, Mongol Ximeng- 4.35, Mongol Wumeng- 2.77, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey 1.59, Yakut 1.55, Xibe Chinese Turkestan 1.03


    Top 10 (Most common to least)-

    ABI-ID Minnesota Native American (23) 6.01E+09
    Minnesota Native American (2) 7.19E+09
    Navajo (2) 8.78E+09
    RCMP Saskatchewan Aboriginal (56) 9.29E+89
    Athabaskan (Alaska) (60) 1.22E+10
    NCSBI/CMPD Hispanic (4) 1.24E+10
    Apache (2) 1.44E+10
    SasSaskatchewan Native Americans (2) 1.52E+10
    North Ontario Native Americans (2) 1.76E+10
    Peruvian (118) 1.86E+10
    In my top 30 was also- Kurdish, Moroccan Berber, Catalans Spain, Basques, Portuguese

    Detailed Results-

    1 Native American [3.96588568244E-012] [100.00] Minnesota United States AA-0003
    2 Navajo [3.84385535453E-012] [96.92] United States United States AA-0003
    3 Saskatchewan [1.59639142437E-012] [40.25] United States United States AA-0003
    4 Mestizo [1.54914687595E-012] [39.06] Mexico City Mexico MX-0003
    5 Native American [1.49414292787E-012] [37.67] Northern Ontario Canada AA-0003
    6 Mestizo [1.40494634144E-012] [35.43] Valley of Mexico Mexico MX-0004
    7 Apache [1.04906634686E-012] [26.45] United States United States AA-0003
    8 Mestizo [9.05587931936E-013] [22.83] Guatemala Guatemala GT-0001
    9 Colombian [8.38018199445E-013] [21.13] Boyaca Colombia CO-0009
    10 Colombian [6.92935265025E-013] [17.47] Colombia 3 Regions Colombia CO-0010
    11 Basque [6.85620614346E-013] [17.29] Biscay Spain ES-0019
    12 Hna-hnu Amerindian [6.63596773424E-013] [16.73] Hidalgo Mexico MX-0001
    13 Argentine [6.09095202713E-013] [15.36] Neuquen Argentina AR-0005
    14 Athabaskan [6.0504338984E-013] [15.26] Alaska United States US-0001
    15 Bolivian [5.34833299066E-013] [13.49] Bolivia Bolivia BO-0002

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    The 23andMe test, although it samples the mtDNA coding region to yield something like a 'deep clade' assignment, it is, at best, a replacement for FTDNA's mtDNA Plus or a step beyond HVR2, it is NOT THE EQUIVALENT of, or a replacement for, FGS.

    The 23andMe test is somewhat more useful on Y in that it samples Y SNP's not part of typical assays, although, depending on projects for your Y haplogroup, you might do just as well, and in a less scattershot manner, participating in an FTDNA Walk The Y project.

    The 23andMe test, and similar tests from other labs, are miles ahead of FTDNA in testing tens of thousands SNP's across the 22 autosomal chromosomes and the semi-autosomal X. 23andMe also offers an autosomal matching service, Relative Finder, and a rudimentary BGA yielding percentage ancestry estimates somewhat like DNAPrint's Ancestry by DNA.

    The good news is, there are lots of other ways to use the Raw Data provided by 23andMe!


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      Since Im female and can't do Y testing where do u think my next should be? FGS or 23andme?


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        I've done both. Have never regretted paying for FGS although I have yet to find a sequence closer than 4 mutations difference on GenBank. I feel I made an irreplaceable contribution to the library that may one day prove valuable.

        Having done 23andMe in October of last year, I have been spending most of my time on that site. They bungled my mtDNA haplogroup assignment but have been slow to remedy. (I know they bungled it because I have FGS!). I have yet to get any matches based on my Native ancestry but have more than 1000 matches based on Ashkenazi ancestry. You might have better luck as most with tested Native ancestry are Hispanic.

        I think, in the near term, you would get more out of 23andMe.


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          Yea..that's what everything points to. I figure the more of us that add our heritage to the mix the better it is for matches! I'll let you know what results I get! Thanks so much!


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            Southern or northern Guatemala? Those DNATribe results look pretty good.

            Guatemalan-born parents


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              My mom was born in Huehuetenango and my dad Livingston Guatemala. My dad has family from Coban Guatemala and further back Honduras. All the Turkish stuff seemed odd. I did an mtDNA test from FTDNA (still waiting) and ordered today 23andme..let's see what everything says.


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                FTDNA just announced Family Finder a gene chip test similar to DeCodeMe. Launching in March at $249. Cancel the 23andMe order!


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                  crap!! So it will be up and running in March?! It's def less expensive!