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  • Sharing results :) (share your thoughts..)

    FYI- I did a FTDNA mtDNA test, waiting for results..

    DNA Tribes:
    Background- both my folks were born in Guatemala..I knew i was Mestizo with Mayan but the rest is a mystery. This is what i got-

    I did a full Native American Panel my one and only match was Chol Maya- MLI Score- 0.33

    Part B

    Uzbek (Xinjiang, Chinese Turkestan) (0.48)
    Palestinian (Gaza Strip) (0.26)
    United Arab Emirates (0.24)
    Dubai (United Arab Emirates) (0.23)
    Kuwait (0.15)
    Korea (0.45)
    Yemen (0.13)
    Saudi Arabia (0.12)
    Afridi Pathan (Uttar Pradesh, India) (0.21)
    Istanbul, Turkey (0.15)
    Thailand (0.34)
    Afghanistan (0.25)
    United Arab Emirates (0.16)
    Druze (Mount Carmel, Israel) (0.21)
    Han (Chengdu, China) (0.3)
    China (0.33)
    Salar (Qinghai, China) (0.49)
    Han (Shaanxi, China) (0.31)
    Arab (Israel) (0.1)
    Korea (0.43)

    Part C

    Mestizo (Honduras) (0.55)
    Colombia (0.45)
    Uzbek (Xinjiang, Chinese Turkestan) (0.48)
    Palestinian (Gaza Strip) (0.26)
    Costa Rica (0.35)
    Mendoza, Argentina (0.34)
    Hispanic (0.4)
    United Arab Emirates (0.24)
    Dubai (United Arab Emirates) (0.23)
    Costa Rica (0.26)
    Kuwait (0.15)
    Indian (Malaysia) (0.29)
    Santander, Colombia (0.28)
    Asian (Northern Territory, Australia) (0.4)
    Korea (0.45)
    Central Andean Region, Colombia (0.29)
    Boyaca, Colombia (0.29)
    Rio Negro, Argentina (0.24)
    El Salvador (0.29)
    Mestizo (Honduras) (0.21)

    Part D

    Amazonian (0)
    Salishan (0)
    Athabaskan (0)
    Southern African (0)
    Gran Chaco (0)
    Polynesian (0)
    Arctic (0)
    Andean (0)
    Ojibwa (0)
    Australian (0)
    Tropical West African (0)
    African Great Lakes (0)
    Patagonian (0)
    Mexican (0)
    Sahelian (0)
    North Amerindian (0)
    Tibetan (0.01)
    Northwest European (0)
    Eastern European (0)
    Mediterranean (0)
    Central American (0.01)
    Horn of Africa (0.01)
    Japanese (0.04)
    North African (0)
    Mayan (0.02)
    Finnic (0.01)
    Eastern India (0.01)
    South India (0.02)
    Malay Archipelago (0.15)
    Aegean (0.06)
    North India (0.08)
    Altaian (0.16)
    Southeast Asian (0.17)
    Manchurian (0.2)
    Chinese (0.23)
    Mesopotamian (0.13)
    Levantine (0.14)
    Arabian (0.19)
    Mestizo (0.35)

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    Btw- I told my mom about this and she said that she isn't shocked I matched with Honduras as her grandparents were Mestizo from there. I didn't know that!! So it hit right on the target there.. The rest is interesting.. How could i possibly match so high with Chinese and Arab and not even a hint of Spanish!


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      When you cut and paste, it doesn't pick up the score, just the number in parentheses.



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        I wasn't sure how to do it, since it was PDF. how should I show the rest?


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          Originally posted by RedWolf View Post
          I wasn't sure how to do it, since it was PDF. how should I show the rest?
          You could make the PDF document an attachment. Use the paperclip icon for that.


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            Doh!! I'm so dumb!!! Okay, here goes-

            Tell me what you guys think!
            Attached Files


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              Your Spanish ancestors in Central America were Moors that assimilated/converted?

              I tried to open the pdfs, but my phones browser doesn't let me read pdfs. Even with the new features, I still only see "unsupported content type". I can read the TribeScores () in your original post and it looks like your Guatamalan-Honduran Spanish ancestors passed on Arabian and Levantine (Moorish?) genes to you. I found it interesting. The Korean and Chinese and Japanese is baffling. I think the theory that Asians crossed the Pacific to Central America for trade and/or settlement has more teeth. People in the Pacific islands (Polynesia etc) also have a blend of Native American and Asian autosomal genes.
              Thanks for sharing your results. I hope to get a look at your pdfs on a regular computer next week and say some more.


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                I found the Asian bits baffling too..until I went to Wikipedia! I hadn't realized that Chinese immigrants came into Honduras and Guatemala! There's a good population in both places! The interesting part to me was that I got Mestizo Honduras but not Mestizo a top 20. ALso, I read on wiki that there's a huge population of Palestinians in Honduras that came in early 19th and 20 century. What you said makes alot of sense..Spanish ancestors must have passed on all the Arab genes. It's just not what i expected to see so real interesting. It makes me more curious about what my mtDNA haplogroup will come out to be.


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                  Your scores are very low/weak. Looks like after Mestizo (Honduras) and Colombia, and that Mexican Maya, the DNATribes algorithm is struggling. Uzbeks are Central Asian people, not especially connected with Native Americans, so I wouldn't read anything into that "match." And on Part D, the Mestizo score is almost twice as high as the next one, Arabian, and it's a poor fit (0.19), so I think you can ignore Arabian too.

                  Did you know your surname is from Zaragoza in Spain?
                  INE. Instituto Nacional de Estadística. National Statistics Institute. Spanish Statistical Office. El INE elabora y distribuye estadisticas de Espana. Este servidor contiene: Censos de Poblacion y Viviendas 2001, Informacion general, Productos de difusion, Espana en cifras, Datos coyunturales, Datos municipales, etc..



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                    Ahhh...I wonder why I got nothing from Guatemala? I'm thinking of doing 23andme...I wonder what would be found there.

                    Oh, that's my married name! Solis is me!


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                      I also thought DNATribes would have given you a much higher Mayan TribeScore.
                      I don't know why I thought there was a Japanese match.


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                        Me too,'s what I expected to see. Interestingly enough there was nothing about Guatemala. I decided to add the Central Asian panel just to see what that shows. I can't rule out the Palestinian or Turk entirely out since Honduras has, other than the US and Canada, the largest Palestinian and Arab population....thank you wikipedia lol. I'll let you know what my mtDNA haplogroup is when that comes in. A group of us are going to do 23andme..let's see what shows.