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FamilyTreeDNA and Ancestry - different results!?

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  • FamilyTreeDNA and Ancestry - different results!?

    I've got a question - I recently had my first Y DNA test done through Ancestry and was rather surprised at the results of my haplogroup (it said I was from Sub-Saharan and/or Western Africa - which was VERY surprising to me as my ancestry traces back to Sicily). In researching that, I came across the Sicilian DNA group here and found that no one else shared the same haplogroup - again, a bit odd.

    As a result, I became somewhat suspicious of the Ancestry results and decided to have the test done again, this time through FamilyTreeDNA - I just received partial results yesterday (not sure when the rest will be done - probably in a few weeks). In comparing the two tests (FTDNA and Ancestry), I found that one of my markers (at the moment, FTDNA has only provided information on 12 makers) is NOT the same as the Ancestry results. That, in turn, leads to a very BIG question - WHY?!

    Any ideas?


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    I don't know how reliable Ancestry is, but no test is perfect, and mistakes happen. So if it's just in one marker out of 12, I'd assume a mistake by either company.

    However, this should not affect the haplogroup. FTDNA is supposed to do some additional testing when the STR markers doen't allow a clear prediction of the haplogroup. Perhaps ancestry did not do that, and just predicted based on the available information. So let's see what happens from FTDNA.

    You can also insert your STRs into and see whether you are close to some particular haplogroup.

    As for E1b1a in Sicily, it is indeed very rare, but it happens. There have been contact between Italy and Africa for millennia, so African haplogroups do exist in Italy, albeit at very low frequencies.



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      Originally posted by APerson View Post
      Ancestry haplogroup

      In comparing the two tests (FTDNA and Ancestry) I found that one of my markers is NOT the same as the Ancestry results
      Many of the companies don't use the same methods for determining and reporting results. Which marker has the different value? What values were reported?

      What Haplogroup did report?

      What Haplogroup did FTDNA report?


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        I tested at FTDNA and Ancestry

        I tested first at FTDNA and had no matches then tried Ancestry. At FT I did the 37 marker and at Ancestry I did 46. When I compared the two just to see what would happen all the marker matched up but two DYS 442 and DYS GATA-H4. I asked about this here at the forum and was told with out give the marker numbers that those to markers would be off bye 5 higher and 1 higher which they were.


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          In the linked page below, the section headed "Converting from Ancestry to Ysearch" may assist you (Ysearch is owned by FTDNA):


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            I've just check the results again and, for some strange reason, all the markers now MATCH between the Ancestry and the FTDNA markers. At the time I posted this, I had triple checked that there was a difference but didn't write done the exact values. Maybe I made a mistake.

            So far, I've done the Ancestry 46 marker test and have received the first 12 of the 37 marker FTDNA the (the other results are still pending).

            It continues to be rather perplexing that I came out as an E1b1a haplogroup with Ancestry and it'll be interesting to find out what FTDNA determines it to be.


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              You got to remember

              You got to remember them guys called the Romans. They concord the known world and brought back slaves from all over. Maybe one of your Fathers was a man from Africa or one of them other places that the E group comes from. Maybe he was a slave or a gladiator who won his freedom by winning in the ring. I don’t think there will be a difference when Family Tree finishes your test as far as witch group you belong too. I would not worry about FT.


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                Just received some more results back from FTDNA (now I've got results for 25 markers). I'm not sure how all of this works as FTDNA seems to provide just a portion of the results at a time.

                At the moment, all of the Ancestry and FTDNA results match except for DYS 464b (although, I suspect that they are close). Ancestry states that the value is 15.3 and FTDNA states that it is 16.

                The sad part is that I still don't haven any matches with others Maybe I'll have better luck when FTDNA gets the results for the final 12 markers. If those results are the same, then it looks like I'll be the only person in the Sicilian DNA project to have E1b1a as a haplogroup. Still seems rather odd to me that I would be so unique from those with a Sicilian heritage.


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                  Originally posted by APerson View Post
                  FTDNA seems to provide just a portion of the results at a time.
                  That's how it usually happens, in panels, like 1-12, etc.


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                    If you dont have any matches at 25 you want have any at 37. Give it time more and more people are testing. I would like a match at FT its been about three years since I tested. But like I said give it time.