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  • need some help, plz

    I received results from a 37marker test and and the surname I matched to I have matched all but markers 458,cdya,and 456. From my understanding 456 is the only one that is not a fast mutating marker. On the 458 mine came back a 14 while the others I match to are 16, the cdya is off my one and so is the 456. I am questioning whether that would be counted as related and do I count the 458 as 2 or can it be counted as 1?? If related how far back would it be to the common ancestor. Hope there is someone out there more knowledgable than I am that might give me some insight to this

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    I think all 3 of those are relatively fast: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb..../ratestuff.htm

    There is some interesting discussion about the effects of slow vs fast markers here:

    I'm not an expert but I think you can count 458 as one, and people seem to be saying it does not matter a whole lot if you consider actual mutation rates vs the average rates, in terms of the confidence interval of the result. But I suspect that differing on 3 fast mutating markers would be more significant than if it were 3 slow mutating markers. Hopefully you can get an expert opinion on this. I looked for a TRMCA calculator that use individual mutation rates and found references to one at Sorenson and a FAQ at FTDNA but I can't find the actual calculator.