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DYS392 Mutations

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  • DYS392 Mutations

    I am a newbie to this forum and just finding my way. I wonder if anyone has has any thoughts on the marker DYS392 and its mutation rate. From what I have observed 392 is a slow mutating marker. My 392=14 mismatches consistently with surnames in my R1b1b2a1b5 haplogroup and with close matches I have in my FTDNA 25 to 37 marker y-results. However I do have 98 12 marker matches in my y-results where 392 would be 14, but none of these extend to 25-37 markers results. Is it possible the my 392=14 has had a late mutation from 392=13. And since markers like 392 seem only to mutate rarely is there a way to predict when a mutation takes place? George

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    Stevo is heavily into L21 research. I expect he'll reply soon on this. If not, send him a PM.