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35/37 match with a different surname?

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  • 35/37 match with a different surname?

    Maybe somebody can tell me if I should look into this any further. My surname is Lane, and my ancestors came from the area around North Tyrone, South Derry in Northern Ireland. They then emmigrated to Virginia around 1750. I just found that I'm a 35/37 match with a McAleer and a McClure, both of whom's ancestory came from the same area of Northern Ireland. The surnames McAleer and McClure both come from the gaelic translation "Mac Giolla Udir." We're all R1b1b2, and appear to be M-222+. (I'm having my SNP tested as we speak.) I'm now wondering if my Lane ancestor was actually a McAleer's/McClure prior to 1700?

    Or I'm I looking at this all wrong?

    Chris Lane

    My Ysearch ID is 4FJPA.

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    Hi Chris217

    It could also be that your matches are biologically Lanes.

    Your situation is similar to dtinker and Hill. I suppose it could be said that you, and the men you match at 35/37, could upgrade to 67 markers and get a deep clade test.

    It's good that the YDNA ancestors of your closest matches are from the same area as your YDNA ancestors. You probably do share a common ancestor at some point, it may be from many hundreds of years before surnames were adopted.


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      Hi Chris while looking over my Ancestry matches I notice four letters at the top of the chart. The Letters were MRCA so I wonder what they mint and I looked them up. Then I go to FT to see what they have and I came a cross this page. I dont have a answer for you but I am finding a lot of answer to some of my other question so you might want to give it a look.