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    Originally posted by rucksack View Post
    They really are updated each and every day.

    If you have a haplotype that is more rare, they just don't show up as often, because they are rare.

    If you had a mtDNA result of H* or a Y-DNA result that is W.A.M.H. you'd get new results almost every day, and at least once a week.
    This is so true. My haplogroup is very rare. I didn't have a great deal of matches to begin with. I tested just over a year ago, and I have not had any new matches at all since then.


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      Cultures familial

      Well, so so.... You can look at you results on matches which shows your exact or closest matches. Then see where they hail from. Now under the MtDNA results, there is an ancestral origins match list but gthese are people who match your maternal DNA (mitochondrial ) and therefore very spread out across the board. Also, these DNA results basically tell you deep ancestry from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of years ago. Someone else have any input??


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        I think Matches and corresponding Ancestor Origins for mtDNA show only exact matches for HVR1 or HVR1+HVR2 (and FGS if tested). Matches and Ancestor origins that differ with 1 or more STRs are shown only for Y DNA paternal side.
        I am a very low NG number and haven't got a single mtDNA match for 5 years. It depends not only how rare your haplogroup is (mine is T2), but how rare are the specific mutations. I know people with H mtDNA with no matches.