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Is a 12 marker test enough?

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    If it were me, if I was a man, I would set my preferences to be matched across the entire database and test 67 markers.


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      No, A 12 Marker Test is Not Enough

      Based on the early results in the Hendricks DNA Project, we require that participants join by ordering the 37 marker panel. Some early participants have the 12 marker panel and it has proven to be inadequate for establishing family relationships. The presence of an accurate 10 or 11 generation lineage has no bearing on this requirement. DNA results have proven that too many lineages are inaccurate.

      The best example that I can provide are my 12 marker results. There are 845 exact matches, and 11, -1 matches. Within the 845 exact matches, four participants share the Hendricks surname and three are confirmed to share Daniel of Haverhill as the immigrant ancestor. Of the eleven 11/12 marker matches, all share the Hendrick/Hendricks/Hendrix surname. Of these, five are confirmed to share Daniel of Haverhill, while the remaining six participants are from two different Hendricks family groups. From this, it is apparent that the 12 marker panel will miss some family members and misidentify other participant’s family relationships.

      Should I choose to look at the 25 marker matches, there are 140. Of these nine are descendants of Daniel of Haverhill. The six Hendricks participants that were seen in the 12 marker results are gone. At 37 markers there are a total of 11 matches; all but three are Hendricks cousins.

      The bottom line is that ordering the 37 marker panel makes the most economical sense. The 12 marker panel is the least expensive test with a nominal Project cost of $99. However, when one upgrades to 25 markers it will cost an additional $49 or $99 to upgrade to the 37 marker panel. This is in comparison to $119 for the 37 marker panel.

      Martin Hendrix
      Administrator, Hendricks DNA Project
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